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27 Dec
Tips to stay healthy in winter

Stay Healthy This Winter!

Here are some healthy tips that you can use at work from Premier Medical Group.

Even when it’s cold, wet and yucky outside, don’t let that keep you from getting in a little exercise at the office.


  • Park in the farthest spot away from your work.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Walk to your co-worker’s desk instead of email or instant messaging.
  • Try chair yoga at your desk. Studies show that even 10 minutes of physical activity such as chair yoga can have positive health benefits.

Eat Right!

  • Swap out the office candy bowl for mints or peanuts.
  • Bring your lunch from home. It’ll be much more nutritional than the local fast food.
  • Choose water instead of soda. If you need something hot, consider hot tea.
  • Have healthy potluck lunches. Make your own salad or sandwich bar. Encourage fruit for dessert rather than cakes or pies.

Disinfect your work surfaces

  • Every two weeks, clean your keyboard, mouse and phone to prevent the spread of germs.

Get a flu vaccine!

  • Getting the flu vaccine will benefit everyone around you and most importantly, yourself.

Get a checkup

  • When was the last time you had a checkup? Now is a great time to make sure your body is ready for the cold winter months ahead.

Contact Premier Medical Group today to schedule an appointment with someone on our PMG care team. We’ll help you improve your overall health.  It is all a part of “Full Circle Care.”

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