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5 Feb

February is Heart Month

Premier Medical Group wants you to know that anyone at any age can benefit from these simple steps to keep their heart healthy.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Every year, 1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease.

You can benefit from a healthy diet and adequate physical activity at any age.

Age 20:

  • Don’t smoke and avoid secondhand smoke.

Age 30:

  • Make it a family affair. Create heart-healthy habits in your kids. Spend less time on the couch and more time on the move.
  • Plant a garden. Get your kids involved with the planting and then in the kitchen to help cook what you’ve grown.
  • Look up your family health history. Having a relative with heart disease increases your risk.
  • Calm down! Long-term stress causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

Age 40:

  • Watch your weight. Your metabolism is slowing down now so avoid weight gain by eating a heart-healthy diet and exercise.
  • Have your blood sugar level checked. You should have a fasting blood glucose test by the time you’re 45.
  • Pay attention to your snoring. Heed your sleeping partners complaints about your snoring. It could be a sign of sleep apnea, which can contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Age 50:

  • Keep eating that healthy diet! Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fish.
  • Learn the warning signs of a heart attack and stroke. And remember, heart attack symptoms in women can be different from men.
  • If by now you’re taking medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes that can increase your risk for heart disease, lower that risk by following your prescribed treatment plan.

Age 60:

  • Have an ankle-brachial index test. It’s a good idea to get this test as part of your physical exam starting at age 60.
  • Watch your weight. Your body needs fewer calories as you get older.
  • Learn the warning signs of a heart attack and stroke. Quick treatment can save your life.

No matter what age you are now, now is the time to start thinking about a healthy heart.

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