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Third Trimester FAQs

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Mucus Plug

It is normal to lose the mucus plug. 

  • It looks like a clump of blood tinged mucus. This simply means the cervix is changing and preparing to dilate 
  • This does NOT mean you are in labor, and you may not go into labor for several more weeks after this passes 

Leaking of Fluids

This could happen as either a gush or a constant trickle of fluids.  

  • Sometimes the water can break and present like a slow leak 
  • Should your underwear be unusually moist, you feel that you are urinating on yourself and know you are not or if you feel a sudden gush of fluids, go to the nearest hospital-based ER for evaluation

Contractions / Cramping

Experiencing some cramps and contractions is normal. 

  • When they occur, empty your bladder, drink 1-2 glasses of water and try to rest
  • If you are less than 36 weeks pregnant and have more than 6 contractions in an hour after trying these measures, contact our office or go to the nearest hospital-based ER for evaluation 
  • If you are more than 36 weeks and think you are in labor-having painful contractions every 5 minutes lasting at least a minute for over an hour (5-1-1) go to the nearest hospital-based ER

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

Go to the nearest hospital-based ER if you have a persistent headache with unusual swelling in the feet/legs, hands, upper eyelids, or severe pain over the mid chest or right upper part of the abdomen. You could have high blood pressure that warrants need for ER evaluation. 

Breast Pumps

You can request a breast pump through your insurance company.

  • They will fax the order to us, we will sign the order and fax it back. Once the insurance company receives the order they will mail you your supplies.

Visit to request a breast pump.

  • Click on Get Free Breast Pump and fill out a request form. They will fax the order to us, we will sign the order and fax it back. Once they receive the order you can pick up your supplies from their local store at 216 Kraft St., Clarksville, TN
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