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15 Feb

Take charge of your heart health!

Most people recognize February as the month we set special time aside to celebrate those we adore. People buy cards, flowers, candy, you name it, all for the sake of spreading the love on extra thick! What could be more important than the classic candy hearts lining grocery store shelves right now, you ask? Why, the one beating inside you of course!

Did you know that February is American Heart Month?  

Check out these quick tips to help you take control of your heart health!

1) Increase healthy eating.

Your diet majorly impacts every aspect of your health, including cholesterol levels! Make sure you are enjoying lots of leafy greens, fish high in omega 3’s and berries! For more heart healthy food inspirations, check out this blog by the American Heart Association. Enjoy more decadent foods and salty treats in moderation. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, too!


2) Include exercise in your daily routine.

The thought of going to the gym every day is overwhelming for most people, but don’t worry! You don’t have to jump in the exercise deep-end to vastly improve your heart health. Try starting with 20 minutes of walking or jogging per day. You can even do this at home in front of your favorite TV show! You don’t even need a treadmill or any other exercise equipment. Simply walk/jog in place to get yourself moving on a consistent basis! As time goes by, try increasing your total walk/jog time by a few minutes to improve your endurance.


3) Schedule an annual check up.

Only you can be responsible for taking a proactive approach to your heart health. We recommend scheduling an appointment each year to check your blood pressure, glucose levels and cholesterol. Need help remembering to make that appointment each year? Try shooting for a time near your birthday. Give yourself the gift of preventive health!


Help all of us at Premier Medical Group celebrate heart health this month by taking simple steps to improve your cardiovascular health! Are you ready to schedule a checkup? Give us a call at 931-245-7000 to schedule a visit with one of our Internal Medicine Physicians or Family Practitioners today!

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