Premier Medical Group - Multispeciality Practice in Clarksville, Tennessee

15 Nov

Premier Medical Group has a new look!

We hope you have noticed that we have a fresh new look around here at PMG!

Rest assured, although our look has changed, our dedication to providing exceptional care for you and your family has not.

Premier Medical Group has grown strong roots in Clarksville since its inception in 1995. Entering our third decade of service, we take this opportunity to recommit to serving our patients with Respect, Integrity and Compassion. These values will guide us as we set new goals for 2017.

While plotting our course for the future, we wanted a fresh brand to represent who we are, what we do and where we are headed at Premier Medical Group.

That’s why we are excited to share with you our new brand and the heart behind it!

So, what exactly has changed?


The keystone of PMG’s new brand is the circle icon in our logo. For us, it represents wholeness, wellness and life. The design element itself comes full circle, projecting that concept to the patient experience we intend to offer, every day.


Our new colors were also chosen with care and with you in mind!

The dark purple shade we call “Deep Thought.” It represents our strong team of professionals who use their knowledge and experience to guide patients to better health and health maintenance.

Still Waters” blue reflects the consistent, trustworthy relationships that we value in our long-term patients and among our own Premier family.

Green as in “Fresh Produce” translates to our desire to contribute to overall healthy lifestyles in and beyond our community.


What has not changed?

You are still our number one priority!

While our look may be different, PMG still promises top quality care to patients and families in the Clarksville and Montgomery County area, Southern Kentucky and beyond!

Thank you for choosing Premier Medical Group where it’s all about, “Your health. Full circle.”

Be sure to check back here for more exciting updates from PMG!


stylized Premier Medical logo