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25 Apr

How can I drink more water every day?

We all know that drinking plenty of water is important for your overall wellness, but hardly any of us are getting enough H2O. Increasing your water intake doesn’t have to mean guzzling glass after glass of water.

Try these 5 easy tips to help you drink more water!

1. Flavor your water

Not so fast, we aren’t talking about adding sugary drink packets, we’re talking about natural flavor. Try adding some lemon, lime or cucumber slices to your water to make it more interesting. Berries and herbs like mint are also fun flavor enhancers!

2. Invest in a marked water bottle

A water bottle that is marked with measurements will help you track your progress. Not interested in shopping for a new bottle when you already have a pantry full? No problem! Choose a transparent bottle you don’t mind writing on and use a ruler to make a mark every inch to help you see just how much water you are (or aren’t) drinking at a time.

3. Enjoy a glass of water during natural “pauses”

By choosing a specific time to drink your water, you will develop a habit of hydrating throughout the day. You will be surprised how easy it is to increase your water intake simply by drinking a cup after bathroom breaks, before a meal, between classes/meetings, or anytime you set as a water drinking time.

4. Use an app to track your progress

You heard that right: even when it comes to drinking water, there’s an app for that! If you feel like using a marked water bottle isn’t enough motivation, why not try an app? Check out apps like Daily Water Free or Carbodroid to help you track your water drinking progress digitally!

5. Set a water timer

Downloading a water tracking app isn’t the only way to use your phone to help you drink more water. If you struggle with letting hours slip by without sipping on some H2O, set a timer on your phone to go off every 30 minutes. This will remind you when it’s water-o’clock, so you can enjoy a refreshing glass!

We hope that these simple tips help you on your way to drinking more water as a part of your daily routine! Give one, two, or all of these ideas a try. When it comes to water drinking, even a little effort is better than none at all! Are you looking for other ways to improve your overall wellness? Try eating a healthy breakfast and staying up to date on things like routine exams, physicals, and flu shots. Give us a call at 931-245-7000 to schedule a visit with a member of our Care Team for a wellness visit today! At Premier Medical Group, we take pride in providing all of our patients with #FullCircleCare.

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