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14 May

Fatty Liver or NASH Study

Fatty Liver/NASH Clinical Research Study

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Fatty Liver Clinical Trial

Has your doctor told you that you may have fatty liver disease or NASH? Then you may qualify for a clinical study for NASH. Due to the increasing incidents of NASH and the continued search for efficient treatment options, Premier Medical Group has several ongoing NASH clinical studies. In general, these clinical studies will require patients to undergo some form of liver imaging and may even require a liver biopsy.


  • Have been diagnosed with NASH or Fatty Liver Disease
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a Body Mass Index greater than 25
  • Do not have a significant alcohol intake (less than 2 drinks a day for women or, 3 drinks a day for men)

For More Information:

  • Contact the Premier Clinical Research Department at 931.245.8444


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