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COVID-19 Insurance Coverage FAQs

Will my health insurance cover treatment and testing for COVID-19?

Most health insurance plans will cover tests and treatment related to COVID-19.   

If I receive a test and my results are negative, will my insurance pay for the test?

The majority of payors will cover screening and testing services if the test results are positive.  To confirm coverage, please verify with your insurance member services department.

Will my health insurance waive my deductible on any service rendered during the National Emergency? 

Services unrelated to your normal benefit and cost-share will apply.  Please verify coverage with your insurance member services department.  

May I get tested, even if I don’t have symptoms?

Premier Medical Group is following CDC recommendations for testing and treatment for COVID-19 and currently only tests symptomatic patients. 

If I need a retest to return to work/school will my insurance cover testing?  

Testing for screening or retesting purposes are not commonly covered by the major insurances.  Your normal copay or deductible may apply depending on your coverage.  Please check with your insurance member services department to verify coverage.    

I received my COVID-19 test here.  Am I required to return to Premier for my COVID-19 retest?

You are not required to have your retest performed here, but we recommend that you refer to your Primary Care Provider for retesting or any additional questions you may have.

Will Premier Medical Group perform the retest? 

Premier Medical Group is following CDC recommendations and will perform retesting for essential workers. This includes healthcare, law enforcement and emergency personnel among others. 

If I’m having symptoms and am hesitant to come into the office for testing, will my insurance pay for at-home tests?

Insurance companies currently only cover FDA approved tests performed in a clinical setting. Please visit our COVID-19 information page to learn about our safety measures.

If I don’t have insurance am I required to pay for a COVID-19 test?

Yes, and we will work with you to set up payment arrangements if necessary.


If you have questions regarding insurance coverage, please contact your insurance.  To ask questions related to your health care, contact your Primary Care Provider.  If you have billing questions please call (931) 245-7092.

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