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28 Feb

Premier’s Shepard Selected to Speak in DC on Childhood Vaccinations

Deanna_Shepard FEBRUARY 28, 2023 – Premier Medical Group’s Director of Clinic Operations, Deanna Shepard, will be speaking to elected officials in Washington D.C. today about the importance of government funding of global childhood vaccination programs. Shepard is a member of the United Nations Foundation and serves as a Shot at Life Champion. She was selected as one of 80 delegates in the country to speak for the organization.

This week’s Shot at Life 2023 Summit in Washington brings together vaccine champions from across the country and features a keynote speech from UNICEF’s Executive Director, Catherine Russell. Shepard will spend three days on Capitol Hill advocating for Fiscal Year 2024 global vaccine funding. “I look forward to meeting with Senator Marsha Blackburn, Senator Bill Haggerty and Representative Mark Green and their staff members and networking with the other delegates who are passionate about childhood immunizations,” said Shepard. “It’s an honor to represent Shot at Life and Premier Medical Group.”

Shot at Life is a grassroots effort of like-minded individuals and healthcare workers who lobby to provide vaccines to children around the world. Statistics show that in 2021 more than 5 million children died before the age of 5, and most of these deaths could have been prevented or treatable with a vaccination.

Shot at Life

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